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Taking Responsibility for Desire – Mars Meets Up with Saturn, Venus Activates the Uranus-Pluto Square | virgo magic

…write a list of your desires and get specific; clarify your long-term goals and strategize about how to achieve them; practice patience and prioritize the long-term results over instant gratification; take a close look at how you go about pursuing your passions and how that’s working for you (or not); make a plan of action to increase your vitality.

Ideally, the Venus-Uranus shake-up helps you break free from old patterns of relating, and wake up to what you really love and value — and the ways that you are (or are not) valuing yourself. The challenge is to be true to who you are and what you want, while staying open, vulnerable and connected with the people you love….

The higher potential of Venus-Pluto is to uncover and heal the wounds that block self-love, regenerate relationships, and deepen intimacy. New vitality and passion are available when you dare to shed a layer of old conditioning, belief systems, and emotional attachments. What is the secret that needs to be shared, the vulnerability that needs to be revealed, the defense that needs to be dropped? (Venus at the Crossroads)